Carrot Cake Equipment

This is all the equipment we used in our kitchen to make the carrot cake, even the incidental stuff. All our equipment photos link to Amazon so you can buy the same thing or something similar, but they’re just suggestions. Let us know if we can help you equip your kitchen!

Vegetable brush

We used this little plastic brush to clean the carrots. Check out the linked one; it’s much cooler!

Cutting board

This venerable old cutting board has seen quite a few cooking projects. You need a nice big one, and the drip groove is a nice feature.

Chef’s knife

This 10″ chef’s knife has been around for about 30 years, and it’s still going strong! It’s one of the most valuable tools in your kitchen, so get a good one.

For cutting the carrots, you could have used a paring knife or a utility knife, but we used this one because the heft goes through carrots easily.

Keep your knives sharp!

Food processor

This one’s over 30 years old, but it has a new blade. Be sure you get one with all the vegetable chopping wheels.

You don’t need a food processor for this recipe. A simple box grater will work fine for the carrots.

Cake pans

These heavier non-stick cake pans hold the heat evenly and are easy to clean up.

You can also make the carrot cake in a single 13×9 inch baking pan.

Cake pan liners

You can cut a circle out of parchment paper by drawing around the cake pan, or use the Alton Brown method. It’s easier just to buy these pre-cut liners.

If you don’t have any parchment paper, just butter the bottom of the cake pan. If it sticks, give it a good thump with the heel of your hand.

Kitchen scale

For this recipe, we weighed ingredients and also the two cakes to be sure they were the same size. We got ours on sale for half price. Still, you can get away without a scale if you don’t have one.

Stand mixer

We are Kitchen Aid mixer aficionados because they are great mixers and there are so many readily-available attachments. There are other great brands out there.

Be sure you get at least a 5-quart so you can make all of our recipes!

You can mix this whole recipe by hand in a pinch, but it’s hard work and takes extra time.

Liquid measuring cups

If you don’t already have cups, go ahead and pop for this set of three because they have an incredible number of uses around the kitchen.

Measuring spoons

These are essential. I like the stainless steel ones, but plastic will do.

Mixer paddle attachment

I have these with and without the built-in spatula, and I usually prefer this one. Nowadays, they have some with spatulas on both sides!

You could probably do this recipe with the whisk attachment, too.

Plastic mixing spoon

Another essential baking tool. If you have this and some elbow grease, you don’t even need a mixer! A metal or wooden spoon is also fine for this job.

Flexible spatula

A necessary kitchen tool for cooking or baking.

Cooling rack(s)

Baked goods cool more evenly on racks. The linked ones are better than these.

Cake circles

You can just put your cake on a plate, but if you’re taking it to a party or giving it to a friend, you’ll be glad you had these.

Cake decorating stand

Okay, this isn’t necessary, but it’s fun! Get one and try it out. Maybe you’ll save a little time or make the edges a little smoother.