Rustic Home-Milled Whole-Grain Bread

This is my dream bread! I’ve always wanted to mill my own flour and make bread truly from scratch. My daughter got me the flour mill for Christmas, and I finally got a bag of wheat berries. It was worth it! I spent some time reading books, blogs, and recipes, and watching videos, and then sat down and puzzled out a recipe for what I wanted to make. After a couple of tries, I think I perfected it. So even if you’re not milling your own flour, you should try out this bread recipe.

The stumbling block people run into with making recipes for home-milled flour is that it’s very thirsty and soaks up a lot of moisture, and if you don’t handle that, you can end up with some really dry bread. My recipe deals with that in several ways: by carefully balancing the flour, by adding moisturizing ingredients, by resting during the kneading, and by ripening overnight. I think you’ll love this bread!