Dude Burgers Step by Step

Make Brioche Burger Buns according to these instructions.

You can buy bread but there’s no comparison to making your own!

Set aside two pieces of bacon for each person who wants it.

We recommend grinding your own meat. You’ll get a lighter, fresher tasting burger. If you bought ground beef, skip down to making patties.

These pictures are for a Kitchen Aid grinder attachment. If yours is different, it will have a similar procedure.

Insert the grinder housing into the mixer’s attachment connector, and tighten the attachment knob.

Insert the grind worm into the housing, turning it until it seats into the drive connection.

Place the knife on the square shank at the end of the grind worm.

Place the coarse grinding plate on the end of the grind worm against the knife.

Place the ring on the grinder body and turn until secured but not tightened.

Turn the mixer to speed 4, and alternate between pieces of beef and bacon so they get mixed together, using the food pusher to push the meat down the hopper.

Dump out the ground meat to a plate or bowl.

Turn the wrench counterclockwise to remove the ring from the grinder.

Remove the coarse grinding plate, place the fine grinding plate on the end of the grind worm, and replace the ring hand tight.

Run the meat through a second time.

This ground beef contains about 20% bacon.

Form the beef into patties. Be careful to shape, not squish.

Start the bacon cooking.

If you’re frying it on the stove, use medium low heat (and be patient!) so all the fat will cook out, and turn it often so it won’t curl up.

You can also choose to cook your bacon in the oven or the microwave.

Prepare all your toppings. We’re missing avocado today!

In our house, everybody wants different toppings, so we just prepare them, and everybody stacks their own burger.

Cut the burger buns in half.

Rinse the lettuce and pat dry.

I used a non-stick skillet so the burgers wouldn’t stick. If yours isn’t non-stick, put about 1/2 teaspoon of salt under the burgers so they won’t stick.

Be sure the skillet heats at least two minutes before you start. Start the burgers on medium high so they sear quickly, and turn them after about 90 seconds, as soon as the first side is browned.

After you turn the burgers, get the cheese on them quickly so it will melt, and after a minute, turn the heat down to medium low so the meat will cook.

Use a thermometer if you can’t judge the doneness. Medium rare is 145° F and medium is 160° F. Most people like their burgers in that range.

If the cheese isn’t melting, cover the pan. You can pour in 1/4 cup of water first so the steam will melt the cheese.

Melt some butter on a griddle pan on medium high. (Ours is over 70 years old.)

Get the condiments out and shake the bottles.

In our house, we just get them out, and everybody has their own ideas about how they use them.

Toast the buns on the buttered griddle until they’re golden brown.

My burger had a little mayo spread on the bottom bun, a little Dijon mustard spread on the top bun, sharp Cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, onion, tomato, lettuce, and a dollop of ketchup.

How do you like yours?