Telera Rolls Equipment

This is all the equipment we used in our kitchen to make the telera rolls, even the incidental stuff. Our kitchen equipment is bought on a limited budget and has to fit limited space. Let us know if we can help you equip your kitchen!

All our equipment photos link to Amazon so you can buy the same thing or something similar, but they’re just suggestions.

Small pan

This is a one-quart non-stick saucepan with a lid. It’s part of a matched set; you should have these in several sizes. There are lots of choices of styles and technologies, depending on how much you want to spend.

We only used it to melt butter in this recipe. You can also use a cup in the microwave.

Kitchen scale

For this recipe, we weighed ingredients and also the individual rolls to be sure they were the same size.

You can get away without a scale if you don’t have one. Measure your ingredients with cups and estimate the roll sizes.

Liquid measuring cups

If you don’t already have cups, go ahead and pop for this set of three because they have an incredible number of uses around the kitchen.

Quick-read thermometer

We have three different shapes and sizes, depending on need. We used the middle one for this recipe to measure the temperature of the water for proofing yeast.

Measuring spoons

These are essential. I like the stainless steel ones because they’re thin, but plastic will do.

Stand mixer

We are Kitchen Aid mixer aficionados because they are great mixers and there are so many readily-available attachments. There are other great brands out there.

Be sure you get at least a 5-quart so you can make all of our recipes!

You can mix and knead this whole recipe by hand in a pinch, but it’s hard work and takes extra time.

Dough hook

Most stand mixers come with one of these. They save you a lot of work over kneading by hand!

Always run it on speed 2.


We keep these two pairs in our kitchen. We save the Kitchen Aid scissors on the right for tough duties, like boning a chicken. The pair on the left is worth about five bucks, and well worth it — it’s probably the most-used tool in our kitchen!

Flexible spatula

A necessary kitchen tool for cooking or baking. You should probably buy a set of these so you can have several projects going at once.

Large bowl

We have nice Pyrex glass mixing bowls, but for many projects, we prefer this versatile knockaround stainless steel bowl.

Baking sheet

Buy a set of these and always cover them with foil or parchment when you use them, and they’ll last forever.

Wax paper

Keep a roll of this in your drawer and you’ll find many uses for it. It costs less than the alternatives in most cases.

Parchment paper

My mom never used this, and it was quite a revelation for me. No more baked goods sticking to pans, and no more terrible cleanup!

Cooking oil spray

We keep two kinds around: butter flavored and olive oil. You’ll know when to use which one! 😉 These save a lot of time and have some applications where nothing else works as well.

Pastry brush

We just got this new one, and we highly recommend it!

If you don’t have one of these, just get a small clean paintbrush about an inch across. If you don’t have one of those, fold a paper towel up into a rectangle, and dip it.

Knife sharpener

There are many styles of these. This fancy tech one is easy to use and does a nice job. You can try different kinds until you find what you like…

Utility Knife

This is a key purchase for your kitchen. If you have a good utility knife, you won’t regret it, because it does many jobs well.

Keep your knives sharp!

Cooling Rack(s)

Baked goods cool more evenly on racks. The linked ones with small squares are better than these for many applications, but you can also use these as roasting racks.

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